Automatic Vison Defect Inspection System



  • Automatic loading & unloading (optional)
  • Automatically identify wafer code and generate the testing reports
  • Mark abnormal chips with InK (optional)
  • Customize defects size and AOI region
  • Software architecture platform, function modularization; highly adaptable
  • Detection parameters adjustable. Key parameters such as defect size and tolerance of different colors defined in each region can be adjusted through the interface or configuration file
  • Customize vision system: choose different hardware & software modules according to different precision requirements


Recognize defects including dirt, scratches, abnormal size,  heterochromatic, line shortage, etc. Applicable for CMOS, semiconductor wafer and other machine vision related fields.

Minimum defect detection capacity 0.5µm
Wafer size 2"/6"/8"/12"
Automatic loading & unloading 50pcs

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Automatic Vison Defect Inspection System