The LAN-WDM ROSA is a 4x25Gb/s, 1310nm receiver optical sub-assembly, for 100G applications, consisting of four high reliability, high performance PDs, an internal quad TIA and an optical de-multiplexer. These elements are packaged in a hermetic, planar package with a LC receptacle. The electrical interface is through two flex connects. The ROSA is intended for the use in QSFP28 modules, serving the 100GBASE-LR4 application for links up to 10km, per IEEE 802.3ba standard.


  • Four high-reliability, high performance PIN PD
  • High performance quad TIA
  • -5 to +75 °C case operating temperature range
  • 25.78125Gb/s data rate for each channel capable of 27.952Gb/s operation
  • Mechanical design suitable for QSFP28 applications
  • LC receptacle, with integrated optical isolator
  • Flex circuit electrical interface


  • 100G-LR4 (10km) QSFP28

Absolute Maximum Ratings

(Tcase=+25°C , unless otherwise noted)

Parameter Symbol Unit Min Max
Storage temperature Tstg °C -40 +85
Storage relative Humidity Hstg % 5 85
Operating case temperature Tc °C -5 +75
Supply voltage of TIA IC Vcc V -0.5 +4.0
Peak optical input power, per channel P_peak dBm - 5.5
Flex Soldering Temperature Tsolder °C 350°C 5S       260°C 60S

Electrical and optical characteristics

(Unless otherwise noted, Tc=+25°C , BOL)

Parameters Unit Min Type Max
Operating case temperature °C -5 75
Operating wavelength nm 1294.53 1296.59
1299.02 1301.09
1303.54 1305.63
1308.09 1310.19
Sensitivity(OMA, EOL, 25.78Gb/s) dBm -13 -10.6
Sensitivity(OMA, EOL, 27.95Gb/s) dBm -12.5 -10.1
Overload(EOL) dBm 4.5
Max Input power dBm 5.5
Receiver reflectance dB -26
Supply Voltage (Vcc) V 3.2 3.3 3.4
Bandwidth GHz 20
Differential output return loss dB -10
Bit rate 25.78125 +/-100 ppm       27.95249 +/-100 ppm

We also provide 40G TOSA/ROSA upon request, please contact our sales team for more information.